Education Resources

Brookings and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Provides analysis on job quality and demand by Texas sub-regions.

Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Provides detailed cost of living estimates across local communities or regions.

Connected Nation Texas Provides state and county level and interactive broadband maps and broadband statistics.

Center on Rural Innovation: Provides localized data on demographics, housing, economics, entrepreneurship, community assets and federal spending and the capacity to compare peer communities.

United States Census Bureau and Opportunity Insights:  Provides neighborhood-level social mobility data.

Texas Education Agency: Provides information and other data about student performance, spending, and legislation implementation for the 1,200 districts and charters across Texas.

Texas 2036: Provides unique data visualizations, tools, and maps to track progress across Texas on key indicators, including education and workforce, health and human services, infrastructure, demographics, natural resources, justice and safety, government performance, and the economy.